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CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards
IC - Impacts of Computing 2-IC-20 - Compare tradeoffs associated with computing technologies that affect people's everyday activities and career options.
AP - Algorithms & Programming 1B-AP-11 - Decompose (break down) problems into smaller, manageable subproblems to facilitate the program development process. 1B-AP-15 - Test and debug (identify and fix errors) a program or algorithm to ensure it runs as intended.

Day 61
This week you will need to complete the Website Project. I will be able to see your code in, so make sure you are building your pages and completing all the tasks. Some of you are going to be pulled out of class on Monday, Tuesday, or Friday, or all of them, to complete your community project. It's going to be a busy week.

Day 60
In looking over your progress, I don't see that anyone is actively building a personal website. It is imperative that you create a multi-page website within the Web Lab according to the rubric. Remember that this is due in one week! You will turn in the Project guide to Google Classroom at the same time.

Day 58
It looks like many of you are falling behind in the online curriculum. You must keep up AND complete your personal website by next week. Don't put it off! Here is my html cheatsheet for you to work with.Here is another resource.

Day 56
Begin building your site in the weblab. Make a copy of the Project guide and fill it out as you work. I'll be checking your progress online so work hard and stay focused.

Day 54
Today you will use your wireframe to create a clickable mock up for your website. Open Google Slides and name your document Website. Make a slide for each page of your site. Be sure to include links on easch page. Here is an example. Turn this in to Google Classroom by Friday. When you are finished, continue with the curriculum. Remember, your site must be completed by April 20.

Day 51
We will be talking about wireframing and designing your personal website

Day 50
It's Community Project Tuesday. It's time to present your projects this week.

Day 48
First, fill out the Student Led Conference Form. Next, continue with the Headings & Paragraphs.

Day 46
Go to Headings & Paragraphs. Finish this today

Day 45
Go to Websites for expression. Read each page, take notes, follow the lessons, and continue until you finish Headings

Day 41
Today we begin our study of websites and the Internet. Go to the assignments page and click on The Purpose of Websites. We will discuss the use of website, thier use and value.

Day 41
Community Project Tuesday!

Day 40
Go to Open External Links With a Webview

Day 39
Build a ToDo app is the start of making a full-fledged app. The beginning is similar to what you did with the first app but with suptle differences. We'll read through this together and get started.

Day 36
Go to Create your first app. You are going to copy the code using the Text app and create 3 different pages--manifest.json, background.js, and window.html. Save them in a folder called Chrome App in your downloads or on your flash drive.

Day 29
You will need to install this text editor. We are going to start working with code. Next, go to App Basics.

Day 26
As part of the evaluation that the administration performs on teachers, I'd like you to go to Student Survey and rate me. Be honest. I will be able to see the results, but not who made them. If you have time, go to the assignments page and click on App Exploration & App I/O. Make a copy for your drive. We are going to begin talking about designing an app

Day 25
Community Project Tuesday!

Day 24
Go to the assignments page and click on App Exploration & App I/O. Make a copy for your drive. We are going to begin talking about designing an app

Day 22
Go to the assignments page and click on Storage & Processing. Make a copy, follow the directions with a partner. Turn it in to Google Classroom by the end of the period.

Day 21
It's Community Project Tuesday! Get your journaling done now. Don't wait until the last minute!

Day 20
Go to the assignments page and click on Card Sorting. With a partner, follow the steps outlined. Each person must fill out the worksheet and submit it individually by the end of the period

Day 18
Go to the assignments page and click on Input & Output. Click on File>Save as a copy. Open it in your google Docs and complete it. Share it in Google Classroom

Day 17
Watch this video, then do the paper activity.

Day 16
Community Project Tuesday

Day 10
Today we start Community Projects

Day 9
Continue working on The Problem Solving Process. Turn it in to Google Classroom when you finished. If you do finish it, get a hard copy of the 3-page hand-out Using the Problem Solving Process.

Day 7
In your groups, work on The Problem Solving Process Each person needs to complete the form even if you do it together. You need to upload it to our Google Classroom for a grade. Don't get behind so early in the semester!

Day 6
Go to the assignments page and click in The Problem Solving Process. Make a copy, and in your groups, follow the instructions. You will turn it in to Google Classrom When you finish, although it may take more than one class period.

Day 3
We'll be working on an unplugged assignment today. You are going to make a boat and test it.

Making a boat with aluminium foil

Day 2
We're going to reset your email password then enroll in your online clas